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The 3 Best Chasers for Crown Royal

Crown Royal is a fantastic whiskey that works well with many different chasers. There are a few other options for the regular drinker and some not-so-common choices for those who like a little adventure with their Crown.

Knowing what to chase your shot of Crown with could be an in-depth ordeal that requires you to step outside your comfort zone and try unconventional flavors.

Don’t sweat it! Learning what goes well with Crown Royal is an adventure you don’t want to miss. So read on and learn the three best chasers for Crown Royal.

Crown royal whiskey with an empty glass of ice in front of it

3 Best Chasers for Crown Royal

You might have heard of the fantastic cocktails that can be made with Crown Royal but might have been anxious about shooting the whiskey straight. Crown has some unique flavors that are enhanced by using a chaser. Chasers are often used to cut down the burn after the shot but have tremendous potential to enhance the flavors in the whiskey.

1. Ginger Ale

Canada Dry ginger ale mini packs

Ginger Ale is an Unconventional Choice that Enhances the Flavoring of Crown Royal. It is one of the unspoken heroes of whiskey chasers, is readily available, and the ginger taste mixes well with the floral and nutty flavor of the Crown.

In addition, the carbonation makes the heat from the shot subside quickly and lightly.

Some of the best Ginger Ale flavors to use as a chaser are:

  • Original – Sometimes, it is hard to put down a classic chaser. Ginger ale works to keep the heat from the shot contained while making it have a sharp taste of ginger and citrus. The floral bouquet makes the whiskey’s natural flavors pop in your mouth.
  • Cranberry – Cranberry Ginger ale is another great chaser for Crown Royal. The cranberry adds a dry taste that works well with the caramel flavoring and crushes the sting associated with shooting straight alcohol.

Ginger ale isn’t something that people put with Crown. However, once you use it as a chaser, it will become not only a chaser but a sound mixer if you want to have a cocktail instead of taking shots.

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2. Cola

A glass of rum and coke with a can of coca cola next to it

Colas, especially Coke, is well known to be the best Chaser for Crown Royal.

In fact, it is the most used chaser for whiskey of any kind, not just Crown Royal. The traditional cocktail of Crown and Coke is famous because the sweet flavors of the Cola create a taste that amplifies the caramel and oak flavors of the alcohol.

Some of the best flavors of Coke to pair with your shot of Crown Royal are as follows:

  • Cherry Coke – Cherry Coke is a different flavor that makes the caramel in your whiskey reach new heights. Cherry coke isn’t typical at most bars, which could be the only downside. It has a sweet taste that is hard to pass up.
  • Regular – Old-fashioned Coca-Cola is the best chaser for Crown. It has been paired with whiskey for decades and is often on tap at your local bar. In addition, Coke erases the heat from the straight alcohol, and the carbonation makes the shot airy and light.

Coke is hard to beat as a chaser. It is readily available at most bars and is often a pairing that makes a world-class cocktail. Coke’s carbonation and sugary sweet taste are suitable for the whiskey’s caramel and play well with the oak flavoring picked up in distillation.

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3. Water

View From Inside a Fridge of a Man Grabbing Bottled Water

I know it might sound boring, but Crown Royal and water is a fantastic pairing.

Water is your best bet if you are looking for a chaser that also helps to keep the hangover demons away. It works to keep the flavor of the Crown Royal intact while keeping the burn to a minimum.

A few reasons that using Water as a chaser for Crown Royal is a good idea are:

  • Hydration – Water keeps you hydrated, while whiskey makes you dehydrate. Using water also allows you to taste Crown’s intricate flavoring while not worrying about how you will feel the next day.
  • Taste – If you want to taste your whiskey and not mask the flavor of the shot, you should use water. It dulls the aftereffects of alcohol but allows the authentic flavoring of the whiskey to be enjoyed.

Water is an essential tool for fighting hangovers and keeping the caramel, fruit, and nutty flavor of the whiskey intact. In addition, water is on every bartender’s gun and will bring out the robust flavoring of the Crown Royal.

Final Sip

The best three chasers for Crown Royal are water, ginger ale, and Coke. Each has properties that allow the whiskey to keep its intense flavors. Be open to choosing a chaser that you might not have thought about, and feel free to explore your options further. Please let me know in the comments what you decide to use and how much you like it.

Chasing your Crown Royal is one of the best ways to taste the rich flavors crafted at the distillery and fight off the after-effects of shooting straight alcohol. No matter which chaser you choose, remember to drink responsibly and never drive after you have been drinking.