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The 6 Best Chasers For Crown Royal Apple

Crown Royal Apple Whisky is a smooth and delicious whisky that packs a punch. It is an excellent addition to numerous drinks made year-round, from a classic whisky sour to an old-fashioned, but is most frequently enjoyed during the fall months.

Whether you’re sipping this festive spirit at a Halloween bash, in the summer sunshine, or by a winter-time fire, pairing it with a complementary chaser is always recommended. In this article, we will list the six best chasers for Crown Royal Apple and discuss their flavor combinations so that you can have the best drinking experience possible.

1. Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer

Bunderberg Ginger Beer

Soda and beer are common beverages chosen for chasers after hard liquors for their ability to reduce the spirit’s harshness without completely overpowering it. When it comes to Crown Royal Apple, the flavor we recommend most is either a ginger ale soda or a ginger beer.

Ginger is a highly versatile spice you’ll find in countless cocktails, like the ginger ale highball and other alcoholic drinks, for its ability to tone down the sweetness and create a more balanced and refreshing drink.

Crown Royal Apple is one of the sweeter liquors you’ll find, so toning down its crisp apple and caramel flavors with the brightness and effervescence you get from a ginger ale or ginger beer might be ideal.

Determining which to chase it with will depend on which chaser you prefer and if you want to pair your shot with more alcohol.

2. Apple Cider

Of course, apple cider would appear on this list, so we’ll introduce it early.

Any version of apple cider is an excellent chaser for Crown Royal Apple Whisky because it matches the apple and cinnamon flavors of the whisky while adding a hint of clove and nutmeg for a truly delicious combination.

While you certainly could opt for a sweet glass of apple juice instead, we deem cider a superior chaser choice for its darker, spiced flavor that helps elevate the Crown Royal Apple to a tangy finish.

If you love this apple-cinnamon combination but are looking for ways to shake things up, try chasing your whisky with various types of apple cider, from classic to spiced to sparkling.

3. Club Soda

A six pack of schweppes club soda

Club Soda is a great way to lighten up and reduce some of the harshness of Crown Royal Apple Whisky without overpowering its flavor profile.

This overtly flavorless, fizzy drink dilutes the sickly sweetness some people experience when drinking Crown Royal Apple. The result is a light and bubbly combination devoid of the extra sugar and calories you’d get from chasing this whisky with a soda.

If you have the ingredients on hand and want to spice up the experience even more, you can try to imitate popular cocktails like a Mint or Rosemary Julep by soaking a few sprigs of these herbs in your club soda beforehand.

4. Lemonade

Lemonade is another chaser option that works exceptionally well for Crown Royal Apple Whisky because of its powerfully sour taste.

As we mentioned previously, a common challenge people struggle to overcome with this whisky is its sweetness, in addition to the liquor’s harsh aftertaste. Luckily, the bright, sour acidity of lemonade is the perfect counterpart.

The tartness of the lemonade helps cut through the sweetness and bring out the fruity notes of the whisky for an overtly smooth, balanced combination.

5. Cranberry Juice


Cranberry juice is a great chaser alternative to lemonade (for anyone who deems it too sweet and bold).

This beverage also boasts a sweet and sour profile that helps to tone down the Crown Royal Apple’s sweetness, but it ends on a more bitter note you might recognize if you’ve had a cosmopolitan or two.

For many, a quick swig of cranberry juice is just the thing they need to feel fresh and energized. There’s also the bonus that enjoying this drink on its own can do wonders for your immune system along with other health benefits.

6. Rumchata

Chasing a shot of Crown Royal Apple whisky with Rumchata is a delicious and unique way to enjoy two types of liquor.

The combination of the sweet, apple-flavored Crown Royal Apple and the creamy, cinnamon-flavored Rumchata creates an indulgent and flavorful combination that is similar to a freshly baked apple pie.

Be sure to chill the Rumchata beforehand or, better yet, blend it to create a sweet and spicy treat that further reduces the whisky’s bite.

Final Thoughts

The crisp Gala Apple flavor of Crown Royal’s signature Canadian whisky is perfectly balanced on its own, but if you’re searching for the ideal chaser, look no further than the six options listed above. You can even take this combination experiment a step further by trying one of Crown Royal’s alternative flavors, such as Peach, Vanilla, and Salted Caramel.

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