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The 9 Best Chasers for Tito’s Vodka

Glass of vodka and tequila on a table

Despite the multitude of spirits on the market with their chic bottles and fancy celebrity endorsements, Tito’s Handmade Vodka has risen to the top of the best-seller list in the United States. Its small batch approach and humble packaging appeal to consumers of nearly every demographic.

According to Boon, a veteran bartender in the Colorado Springs area, there is no doubt that Tito is the most in-demand spirit at the location he works. 

“We go through multiple bottles of Tito’s every night,” he notes. “It is a well-rounded spirit for both mixed drinks and shots. In my experience, I’ve seen Tito’s chased with nearly everything imaginable–including other shots. But for the most part, customers usually ask for something fruity or sour when chasing Tito’s.”

With this in mind, keep reading for a list of the nine best chasers for Tito!

1. Fruit Juice


There is no way you can go wrong chasing Tito’s with fruit juice. Whether it is pineapple, orange, or grape juice, the sweetness of fruit juices takes the edge off the vodka, while the sharpness of the spirit intensifies the sweetness of the juice.

Of course, the top choice for fruit juice chasers would be cranberry, a beverage so famous for making vodka more palatable that more experienced liquor connoisseurs make fun of it for being “lightweight.” 

2. Clear Soda

Generic lemon soda drink in metal can

Clear sodas, such as Sprite and 7-Up, are another top-notch Tito’s chaser. The subtle edge to Tito’s makes the sweet, citrusy flavors of the soda stand out. In addition, the carbonation burn from the beverages provides a more familiar finish than the burn of the spirit, making Tito’s shot extremely easy to stomach.

3. Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is an excellent Tito’s chaser for those drinkers who want to soften the experience of the shot but still be aware that they are drinking alcohol. While some flavored sparkling waters can give Tito’s shot a slightly fruity finish, it is all about the carbonation here, as it combines with the vodka to give the throat a pleasant burn on the way down.

4. Purified Water

There is arguably no spirit that pairs as well with good ol’ water as vodka. Tito’s, in particular, has gained widespread acclaim for its smooth, clean taste, so a quick chug of cold water is a great way to enhance the experience without getting fancy.

5. Lemonade

The sourness in lemonade makes it stand out as Tito’s chaser. As any quality lemonade will make the drinker pucker a bit by itself, it does a wonderful job of taming the sharpness of the vodka and masking any of the unpleasant aspects of taking a shot for more inexperienced drinkers. 

6. Tomato Juice

Fresh tomato juice in a jug on a wooden background

The famed mixer of bloody Mary lore, the acidity in tomato juice allows it to work equally well as Tito’s chaser. Known as being quite neutral in the world of spirits, Tito’s allows the acidic tomato juice to take center stage on the way down and does not try to compete for your taste buds’ attention.

7. Olive Brine

While the ingredients of olive brine–the salt, vinegar, and water in which olives marinate–may not sound overly appealing to drink by itself, it works incredibly well as Tito’s chaser. The thicker consistency of the brine also provides a pleasing throat coat on the way down. Think of it as drinking your martini when pressed for time.

8. Pickle Juice

Pickled cucumbers in glass jar

Like olive brine, pickle juice may not be something you are overly enthusiastic about consuming for fun. But also, like other entries on this list, the “pickle pucker” does a lot to offset the sharper aspects of the spirit, while Tito accentuates the salt in a pleasing way for the consumer.

9. Salty Snacks

If you are the type who likes to pop a treat after taking a shot, then having a salty snack nearby is the way to go. The best bets are something a bit gummy that you can chew on for a while, such as a slice of salami, cheese, or pickle, as the vodka will bring the salt to the forefront and create a savory chewing experience.

Final Sip

There you have it: the nine best chasers for Tito’s Handmade Vodka. If you have been searching for ways to take your experience with this widely popular spirit to the next level, choose from any of the sweet, salty, or sour ideas above and enjoy a drink today!

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