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The 9 Best Alcoholic Drinks That Are Easy to Drink

Alcoholic drinks do not have to be difficult to drink. Whether you are new to drinking or want to just make it about fun and taste, here is a list of the best alcoholic drinks or beverages that are easy to drink.

Alcohol can truly be fun. However, to stay entertaining, one should drink it in small amounts.

1. Wine

Canned Wine

An excellent alcoholic drink for beginners or lightweights is wine. Wine has been produced for thousands and thousands of years. Its main charm is that you can find almost infinite different types to fit any taste, some of which will surely delight your palate. Wine is usually produced from 1,300 different types of grapes. Depending on the type of grapes used in production, you will get different types of wine, of which the main types are red and white wine. Also, there is sparkling wine, rosé, dessert wine, fruit wine, and additional classifications.

It is important, however, that for beginners, wine is a great choice because wines have between 5.5% and 20.5% of alcohol by volume. It’s not a lot of alcohol, so you’ll be able to enjoy it without getting drunk after two sips. Also, if drunk in limited quantities, wine can have beneficial effects on the body. If your wine is not sweet enough, you can mix it with sweet juice, for example, with Coca Cola but you will get used to the taste.

Ask for a recommendation from some of your friends who like to drink wine or search the internet for some better wines. In time, you will surely find your favorite wine.

2. Radler

Can of Ciuc Radler beer isolated on white

If wine isn’t your thing at all, maybe you could try Radler Beer. Radler is intended for all those who do not like the taste of beer or are not ready for the whole bottle of beer but like the texture of the beer.

Radler is a beer but does not have the intense taste or smell of beer. It is made by combining lemonade and beer, so there is no bitterness of the normal beer. Radler tastes more like a soda than like a real beer. It mostly comes with a lemon flavor, but you can also find it with other types of fruit, such as with grapefruit taste.

Radler is a great drink for hot days when you need refreshment. It is carbonated and slightly sour, so it will help quench your thirst. Generally, the strongest brands of Radler Beer have only 5% alcohol. This means that some of them have less, for example, 3%, which will allow you to be a bit more carefree.

3. Gin

Bottle of Gordon's Gin

Gin is an extremely aromatic drink that was used for medicinal purposes by people for years. Especially famous is the combination of gin and tonic, which has become a favorite alcoholic drink for many on summer evenings. You can add hundreds of spices to the gin and tonic and so always add new flavors to your favorite drink, so you never get bored.

Gin usually has 37.5% alcohol which is quite a lot, but don’t worry. To alleviate the amount of alcohol found in the gin in your drink, you will add a great amount of tonic. Tonic is a non-alcoholic soda that will go great with gin, but it will also help you not to get drunk in just a few minutes.

Although gin can be very tasty, drink it little by little, and do not be fooled by its delicious taste. For starters, put more tonic and a little gin, and if you tolerate alcohol well, adjust the amount of gin. If you don’t like the combination of gin and tonic, you can try mixing gin with some fruit juice or Sprite. The possibilities are limitless.

4. Baileys Irish Cream

Bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream

Bailey’s Irish Cream is a cream liqueur with the taste of cream, cocoa, and Irish whiskey. Although it has a smooth, sweet taste, don’t let this gentle drink fool you. Bailey’s has an alcohol content of 17% by volume. It is a great drink for beginners and lightweights because it is very sweet, and you will experience the feeling like you are drinking alcoholic chocolate. If you drink it slowly, you will be able to enjoy Bailey’s smooth and velvety taste over an entire evening and not be impacted as hard as many other drinks.

Bailey’s Irish Cream can be consumed alone, but it is very thick. The best way to enjoy it is to pour it into a glass over ice. The Bailey is thick as a sauce, so it’s not a bad idea to put it over ice cream. You can also combine Bailey with coffee to make it a little thicker and tastier.

In addition to the original recipe, Bailey’s can be found in different variations. For example, you will find it in a chocolate-vanilla variety, salted caramel, Espresso Creme, and Chocolate Cherry. If you are lucky, you can also come across some unusual limited-edition flavors such as Strawberries and Cream and Pumpkin Spice.

Bailey’s Irish Cream is an ideal drink for all amateurs, people who do not tolerate too much alcohol, but also old lovers of alcoholic beverages. Bailey’s is today one of the best-selling alcoholic beverages in the world.

5. Mojito

Mojito at Beach With Lime and Mint Leaf

Many alcoholic beverages, when drunk alone, have a rather intense taste that does not suit everyone. For starters, it is, therefore, best to drink cocktails that can mask the taste of alcohol and allow them to enjoy while drinking. Cocktails are also great for lightweight people if you put small amounts of alcohol in them.

One of the best cocktails that fit the bill is definitely mojito. Mojito usually has about 13% alcohol. Mojito is a cocktail made from white Cuban rum, lime juice, fresh mint, sugar, soda water, and broken ice.

When making a mojito, the most important thing is to have fresh mint that will provide an intense scent. Mojito has become popular for its excellent combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus notes, and intense mint scent. Mojito is an excellent refreshment for summer days.

If you usually like all the listed ingredients, be sure to try this cocktail that will surely delight you. Mojito is loved by all generations and is a very popular drink at beach parties but also at evening gatherings during the summer. The good thing about this cocktail is that in case you have had enough alcohol, you can simply order Virgin Mojito, which does not contain alcohol, so you can continue to enjoy the drink.

6. Piña colada

Piña colada is such a good cocktail that songs have been sung about it. Moreover, after the songs mentioning this cocktail came out, especially the song Escape (The Piña Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes in 1979, Piña colada gained worldwide fame.

This sweet, creamy cocktail is the perfect choice for beginners and lightweights. Pina colada comes from pina as pineapple and colada as strained. It is made from white rum, coconut milk, or cream of coconut and pineapple juice. Serve by shaking or blending the ingredients with the ice.

There are also a lot of variations of this drink, so for example, a cocktail Chi Chi uses vodka instead of rum, or a kiwi colada uses kiwi instead of pineapple. This cocktail became so popular that dozens of similar cocktails were made, but none took the fame of Pina Colada.

One cocktail contains about 13% of alcohol, so those new to drinking can drink it without fear of getting drunk as quickly as some other options. Piña colada is a top-quality cocktail that will be enjoyed by everyone who loves the creamy structure of the cocktail. In fact, it is so famous that in the United States, Pina Colada even has its own day, which is celebrated on 10 July.

7. Midori

A bottle of midori in front of a few out of focus other bottles of alcoholic beverages

Midori may not be such a well-known alcoholic beverage, but it is certainly among the best alcoholic drinks for people that don’t like bad-tasting alcohol. It is distinctly green in color and has a very sweet taste. It got its name from the Japanese word for green.

Due to its sweetness, it is an excellent addition to cocktails that are sweet and extremely drinkable. This is why Midori is an ideal choice for all amateurs who want to experiment because the sugar in it covers the bad taste of the alcohol. That’s why you won’t even notice that this alcohol has 20 to 21% of alcohol.

Because of its sweetness, it is usually not drunk alone but added to cocktails. For example, Midori Sour Cocktail is made from Midori, fresh lime juice, and egg white. Midori Splice is made from Midori, malibu, pineapple juice, and cream. Cocktails made with Midori are a combination of sweet and sour notes that will give you refreshment and allow you to enjoy sipping cocktails in good company. In addition, this cocktail will bring some colors to every party. If you are a fan of sugar and fruity notes, Midori cocktails will definitely delight you.

8. Margarita


Margarita is a great cocktail that we cannot omit from this list. Itl contains tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. They are usually served in a glass with salt on the edges to emphasize the taste of the cocktail. Doing shots of tequila is probably not the smartest decision for beginners because tequila has a lot of alcohol in it, more precisely 38-55% of alcohol. On the other hand, if you drink tequila exclusively in cocktails like in the Margarita example, then the cocktail will contain only 15%.

If you think that is a lot for you, you can adjust this cocktail a bit and add a little soda water to it. Thus, the cocktail will contain water that will hydrate the person who drinks it, and besides, if you drink it in slightly larger quantities, it will not cause drunkenness or a hangover the next day.

Instead of real tequila, you can put flavored tequila from, for example, cranberry, apple, lemon, or some other fruit in the cocktail. You can also use other flavored liqueurs such as melon flavored or black raspberry flavored. You can play with different flavors yourself and thus make the taste that suits you best with an appropriate amount of alcohol that will not make you drunk and cause a painful hangover. Plus, if you don’t want to overdo it with this delicious cocktail, drink one of those with alcohol and then switch to a skinny margarita that doesn’t have alcohol in it but will still delight you with its taste.

9.  Amaretto

Bottle of Amaretto Liqueur

For all lovers of sweet drinks, Amaretto could be the right choice. Amaretto is an Italian sweet liqueur that has an intense almond-like flavor. Amaretto gives a special taste to the famous tiramisu cake, ice creams, and Panna Cotta, and it is commonly used in kitchens. Amaretto’s intense flavor helps to enhance other ingredients’ flavors. You can drink amaretto yourself, or you can mix it with coffee.

It usually contains 21-28% alcohol. It is a great choice with this for beginners or lightweights who like sweet drinks. If you are too strong to drink it alone, you can use it to make sweet cocktails. You can add it when making Pina Colada or use it, for example, to make Amaretto Sour that contains Amaretto, bourbon, lemon juice, egg white, sugar or syrup, lemon twist, and cherries.

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