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The Best Substitute for Plumbers Tape | With 3 Alternatives

If you are trying to replace or repair pipes and need to seal the threads but don’t have any plumber’s tape, there are a few alternatives that can work. In fact, the best replacement works even better than Teflon tape or can be used in tandem with it to obtain an even better seal.

The best substitute for plumber’s tape (thread seal tape) is “pipe dope,” also known as pipe thread sealant or pipe joint compound. Pipe dope is specifically designed to seal the threads of a pipe and is actually known to be better for maintaining a permanent steal than Teflon plumber’s tape.

Here is a link to the pipe dope brand that I recommend on Amazon. It holds a seal better than other types and seems to be easier to apply because of its thickness. You definitely don’t want a runny product for this type of job.

Pipes With Plumbers Tape

What Can You Use in Place of Plumbers Tape?

Depending on what you have available within your spare parts inventory, you may use a few commonly-found items as a temporary replacement for plumber’s tape. These include epoxies, “pipe dope,” tightly wrapped electrical tape, or pipe clamps.

Pro Tip: I don’t recommend using any epoxy and avoid it entirely if it is not food-safe. Unless, of course, the pipes won’t have anything touched directly by humans flowing through them. Some types can be toxic and leach into the fluid traveling through the pipes.

If it’s an emergency, you can wrap the pipes in a rubber pad and hold them together with pipe clamps while waiting for a plumber or a better option to arrive. You can also use electrical tape, but it will typically not work very well long term.

While these quick fixes may slow a leak temporarily, a more permanent solution is much better.

Remember, these are the less effective substitutes for plumber’s tape but can be used temporarily.

  1. Tightly wrapped electrical tape
  2. Pipe clamps (for emergencies)
  3. Using a piece of a plastic grocery bag in place of plumber’s tape

The Best Substitute for Plumber’s Tape

If you are looking for a long-lasting substitute for Plumber’s or Teflon tape, pipe dope is the ideal replacement. Although more expensive, it is a more permanent solution usually preferred by professionals.

Also known as pipe thread sealant or pipe compound, it is a liquid base product that seals threading just as Teflon tape would. When used correctly, it is by far the best replacement as it is significantly easier to adhere to larger gaps.

Additionally, pipe dope does not require as much space as Teflon tape during the application process. This not only makes it easier to use but is also more forgiving and easily manipulated to fit the required area.

How to Use Pipe Dope

This compound is generally applied using the supplied brush (usually attached to the cap of the pipe compound container) and layering the substance onto the threads before securing the connection.

And contrary to popular belief, the applied liquid does not harden. Instead, it maintains a proper seal allowing easy removal if and when desired. Unless the connection is tampered with regularly, the pipe compound will work more effectively and seal with more precision.

DIY Option – Homemade Teflon Tape

Although doable, this homemade solution is not to be implemented as a long-term remedy. However, for a quick fix, find an ordinary grocery plastic bag and cut the desired size and length. Apply as you would the plumber’s tape-it will seal the threading temporarily.

How to Properly Apply Teflon Tape

To create a proper seal, Teflon tape must be applied in the opposite direction in which the pipe will be tightened. In other words, if the tape is not wrapped facing the opposite direction, it will unravel and will not create the desired watertight seal. A good way to remember is to wrap the tape clockwise.

A Plumber Wrapping Teflon Plumbers Tape Onto Pipe Threads Correctly
The Correct Way: Clockwise
Someone Wrapping Teflon Plumbers Tape Onto Pipe Threads the Incorrectly
The Incorrect Way: Counter-Clockwise

An easy way to determine if the tape is, in fact facing the right direction is by allowing the water pressure to test if it is safe to do so. If you discover immediate water intrusion and the tape begins to loosen and ultimately fall off the threading, re-wrap the tape in the opposite direction and retest.

To ensure proper application, follow the steps below before adhesion:

  1. Ensure the threads are cleaned and free of debris or any foreign substance.
  2. Carefully apply the Teflon tape to the second to third thread in relation to the end of the pipe.
  3. While holding the initial point and keeping minimal slack, slowly wrap the tape around the rest of the thread, remembering to go the opposite direction in which the pipe will be tightened.
  4. Continue wrapping the threads until you have layered the male twice, at a minimum. No more than 4 layers should be applied.
  5. Once completely and tightly wrapped, break the excess tape by pulling it firmly. Teflon tape will separate easily when presented with force.

Here is a good video showing how it’s done:

If more than 4 layers of Teflon tape is applied, the risk of the female housing being cracked is significant. Excessive layers will surely cause irreparable damage leaving you to replace the assembly.

However, for plumber’s strapping tape, due to its malleability, basic hand tools are sufficient to apply to your pipping safely. These tools include tin snips for cutting, a pair of sturdy pliers, and heavy work gloves to prevent accidental cuts as the edges may become sharp.

If you are securing to concrete, a power drill and a screwdriver attachment may be needed to secure the strap to the desired structure.

What Is the Best Plumber’s Tape?

For plumber’s tape, regular Teflon will secure pipping as needed. If a more durable and sturdy option is desired, opt for this brand. It is highly durable and will create a permanent, airtight seal. Additionally, it will stop current leaks on pipping regardless of a dirty surface.

If you are in the market for galvanized plumber’s strapping tape, a solid option is LASCO’s 22-Gauge Galvinez Metal Perforate Plumbers Tape. It is available at your local hardware store, or just click the link to get it on Amazon.

As the galvanized is an all-in-one option, it is suggested you keep this product handy for all future plumbing projects. It will be your best bet to secure any type of pipping to your structure.

What Jobs (Projects) Is Plumbers Tape Appropriate For?

Typically, plumber’s tape is necessary when pipe threading is being prepared for watertight integrity. It ensures a proper seal that prevents leaks and maintains the adequate water-resistant properties needed to secure a male to a female pipe connection.

However, if installing plumber strapping tape and installing piping on discrete corners or directly above the ceiling, plumber’s strapping tape is necessary to secure, suspend, and/or prevent rising. This is all contingent on the types of pipping being installed.

Plumber’s strapping tape is usually applied when securing pipping responsible for water supply lines, waste lines, vent pipes, and drain lines.

Is Teflon Tape the Same as Plumbers Tape?

Teflon tape, oddly enough, is also known as plumbers tape. This creates confusion among amateur plumbers due to their similar names but is used for largely different purposes within a plumbing project.

The main difference is between Teflon tape and plumber’s strapping tape. Unlike regular Teflon tape, plumber’s strapping tape is sturdy, usually made of metal, and is perforated.

Teflon tape is a chemical compound named polytetrafluoroethylene. In short, this synthetic compound is known for its watertight capabilities when applied to a pipe’s threaded connection.

It is also used during ductwork applications and stored within a plastic covering as it helps maintain the sealant properties for a prolonged period.

Because of its non-stick backing, Teflon tape can easily be applied without sticking to the person. This comes in handy as this tape is extremely malleable. In fact, it can withstand high temperatures while still maintaining its non-stick behavior.

It is flexible, affordable, and high-temperature resistant, making it an easy-to-use product anyone can handle. The tape comes in different sizes to meet various project demands.

Bottom Line

Overall, pipe dope (Amazon Link) is the way to go if you want the best replacement for plumber’s tape.

Whichever option you choose, just make sure you know what you are doing. If it’s a major job or something really important for your home or property, be sure to get a professional’s advice. DIY is fun but can be costly on the back end if you mess something up unintentionally.

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